Monday, February 9, 2009

First Creek Neighborhood Clean-Up
Saturday, February 14th, 9-Noon


Please join us on Saturday February 14th, 9 to Noon as we help clean up First Creek.

We will be focusing our efforts on cleaning up the lower creek wetlands and hillside just below East 34th Street. It will be fun, some hard work and it will help make the neighborhood cleaner and safer. We’ll primarily be picking up small paper and trash that the city clean-up crews did not get. Recently, the city removed 53 tons of trash from the hillsides above First Creek. And, they will be removing more this week, so let’s support their efforts and show them we care about of neighborhood.

Bring heavy gloves (leather recommended)
Wear sturdy work boots.

When: Saturday morning February 14th, 9 to Noon
Where: Church Parking lot at 34th and East “R” Street.

Please call Dan Fear, 425 260-4991, if you need additional info.