Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Creek Clean-up Results
February 14th

Last week on Valentines Day, a group of 15 volunteers ventured into First Creek for our first Creek Clean-up Day. It was a perfect day for some hard work and to show community support and interest in the creek. We managed to pick-up enough trash and garbage from the creek, wetlands and the surrounding hillsides to fill a large 20 foot dumpster. Below are a few pictures of the clean-up.

The City of Tacoma has recently been been cleaning up some very large illegal dump sites along the creek. First Creek Neighbors, an Eastside community group organized this volunteer event to show support of the city efforts.

Future clean-up will be held on the second Saturday of month, from 9-Noon. Please join us and help make First Creek a community asset and a wonderful environment. We meet at East 34th and R Streets in the church parking lot.

On April 4th, (the first Saturday of April) there will be a major
First Creek Clean-up. We're looking for teams of volunteers from various organizations, schools, community and environmental groups. The Green Tacoma Partnership and the Puyallup Tribe will also be participating and supporting this event. More information on the event will be posted soon or to be contacted directly about this event email


Puyallup Tribal Council / Resolution 120109A

City of Tacoma / Resolution #12037

City of Tacoma
Resolution #12037

A RESOLUTION relating to the environment and public safety and health; declaring the City’s intent to work collaboratively with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians on a stewardship plan for the cleanup of the area now being referred to as First Creek.

WHEREAS, as part of the City’s efforts to reduce crime by 50 percent and eliminate blight, City staff has worked with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians (“Puyallup Tribe”) and representatives of First Creek Neighbors and Tacoma Eastside Action Membership (“TEAM”) to undertake an ambitious cleanup of the area now being referred to as First Creek, and

WHEREAS, as of September 2008, 81 tons of debris have been removed from the First Creek area, and

WHEREAS, based on this success, staff of the City and the Puyallup Tribe have recognized the opportunity to continue the momentum that has been built around First Creek by developing a stewardship plan for the area, and

WHEREAS the planning process will consider elements, such as appropriate naming, preservation of open space, storm water management, and public safety, and

WHEREAS a stewardship plan for First Creek would, among other things, assist the City in protecting infrastructure in the area, contribute to the City’s open space planning and environmental preservation efforts, recognize the cultural significance of the area, and allow the area to contribute to the quality of life in the area, and

WHEREAS, in addition, both the World Vision and the Tacoma Housing Authority organizations have expressed an interest in participating with First Creek Neighbors, TEAM, the Puyallup Tribe, and the City, and

WHEREAS it is anticipated that additional partners that will be contacted as part of the planning effort; Now, Therefore,

That it is the intent of the City to work collaboratively with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians on a stewardship plan for the cleanup of the area now being referred to as First Creek.

Adopted and signed: November 18, 2008

City Clerk
Approved as to form:
City Attorney