Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Creek Stewardship - November Meeting Notes

I called the meeting today to begin the discussion about creating the Community Stewardship Plan for the First Creek Watershed. I'm attaching the list of partners/players that we developed during that meeting. David plans to talk with his tribal representatives and hopes to persuade them to allocate funds to hire an experienced facilitator and consultant to draft the stewardship plan. He has already had a conversation with Eric Anderson (Tacoma City Manager) and will contact Alisa O'Hanlon (Tacoma Government Relations Officer) to see if the City will allocate matching funds for the hiring of the consultant/facilitator. Dan Fear volunteered to use his experience as a former program manager for the Boeing Airplane Company to lead the effort and some people in the group think he should get paid for it if he does but there simply is no money for such things at this time. Perhaps David can come up with the money when he talks to the tribe and to the City Manager.

Chris would like to meet with the group in two weeks to continue the discussion. David indicated he would be unavailable until after the new year. The group set upon Monday, December 15th at 1:00 in the Portland Avenue Community Center for the next meeting. Chris asked everyone to look online at other examples of stewardship plans to see if there is a model that we could follow or to identify specific components that should be included in the First Creek Stewardship Plan.

Attending Meeting: David Whited, Guy Thompson, Martin Stoaks, Tiffany Stoaks, Dan Fear, Jane Dudley, Edwina Magrum, John Larson (Tacoma Weekly & Puyallup Tribal News) and Chris Ott.

In the meanwhile, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Submitted by Chris Ott
Emailed 11/24/08

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Theresa Dusek said...

I am currently assisting Metro Parks Tacoma in acquiring permits for removal of non-native and invasive species at Snake Lake. I would be happy to assit your group in doing the same for First Creek and possibly assisting in preparation of a stewardship plan. I currently work for a consulting firm but previously worked for the the City of Tacoma processing and issuing the very permit you will need for your stewardship activities. Chis knows me well. Hi Chris. I also know what wetland and stream delineations have been completed in and near First Creek which will assist in reducing baseline costs for documentation needed for submittal of a permit application. I can be reached at 253-383-2422 if anyone would like to discuss my involvement. I will watch your website and attend you next meeting.