Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Meeting Minutes

First Creek Stewardship Committee
Meeting 1/07/09

Present: Natalie Dam, Jane Dudley, Dan Fear, Chris Gilliand, Krystal Kyer, Edwina Margum, Lorna Mauren, Eric Meyer, Alisa O’Hanlon, Chris Ott, Laura Rodriguez, Guy Thompson, David Whited

Meeting Recap:
1. Introductions

2. 30 Second Elevator Speech
We looked over the draft that Eric prepared. Several comments were made, which Eric will incorporate into the next draft.

3. Data on First Creek:
The data Eric sent out on First Creek had incorrect borders. Eric will correct

4. City’s Stormwater Management in First Creek
Lorna presented on what the City is currently doing in relation to storm/waste water management.

5.First Clean Up
We discussed potential sites for initial quick, visible clean up of the area. We discussed some of the challenges we would face, including obtaining permits from the city.

6. Action Items – Next Meeting – First Wednesday in February
1) Benchmark other stewardship plans
2) Catalogue activities in First Creek that are already under way
3) Invite Alicia Lawver to discuss Splash Grants
4) Discuss the next clean up
a. Small, visible, doable
b. What permits required
c. April
d. Start with litter, homeless camp
e. Include Council, Homeless Camp

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